13*4 HD Film Lace Frontal Body Wave

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Want an HD lace wig? Try our “Make A Perfect Wig” service.

HD lace may last 4-6 weeks but it needs to be replaced after each installment. This lace is very delicate and should look “invisible” with most skin tones. Please be careful when handling/plucking this HD lace as it may rip easily.

With proper application, this ultra fine thin lace can look “invisible” from as close as 2 feet away. Our AUTHENTIC HD Ultrafine Film Lace is the secret to “no screen door” on television and movies.

Texture: body wave, matches perfectly with our Brazilian, Malaysian hair. Raw hair may match too, however, there may be a slight texture difference due to how raw hair is collected from donors.

Size: 13 inches by 4 inches

Hair Type: Natural virgin hair tone, matches our Brazilian, Malaysian virgin hair collection. Remy hair will NOT match this frontal. Raw hair may have a slight texture or color mismatch but we always do our best to send you hair extensions that can blend naturally.

Usability: HD Lace is ULTRA thin. It is possible that this HD frontal can last shorter than normal frontals and closures. It is likely that this frontal is not re-usable after the initial install since HD lace is ultra-thin.

Color: HD lace can appear to be “invisible” on all skin tones with proper application.

We do not recommend plucking or bleaching of HD lace frontal if you are not taking it to a professional hairstylist. These activities may cause the lace to rip.

Please refer to our hair care tips for the best maintenance practice.

Shipping: the processing is 3-5 business days, shipping is 3-5 business days, you will receive tracking 2-3 business days AFTER the product HAS BEEN SENT.

All sales are final for HD Lace Products due to its delicacy and the great inspection we take during handling and shipping.

If you have questions about our lace products, feel free to contact us during business hours, 10 AM-7 PM Monday-Friday, 11 AM- 3 PM Saturday, EST.

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HD Film Lace Closure

BHE HD Film Lace is the thinnest lace on the market. The lace is almost invisible on all skin tones after proper application. You can blend this lace just like your own hair and no “screen door” will be detected. HD lace is mostly used on television and movies, thus given the name HD Film Lace. There are a lot of fake HD lace on the market which is just transparent lace or thinner normal Swiss lace. With BHE, you are guaranteed authentic HD lace that will melt on your scalp the right way! HD lace frontals and closures can appear to be completely “invisible” from as close as 2 feet away.

  • Authentic HD lace, you can compare our HD lace with normal Swiss lace or transparent lace. The difference is obvious!
  • Can appear to be invisible from as close as 2 feet away, if worn properly
  • Last shorter than normal frontals and closures due to the lace being ultra-thin
  • Need to be replaced after each install. HD lace is super fine, it is likely that HD lace frontals/closures are not reusable.
  • Can be made into a wig with bundle deals if you order BHE Make A Perfect Wig serivce.


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