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Deal includes: three bundles/four bundles + one 13*4 frontal.

Our Malaysian loose wave is beautiful and elegant. Malaysian hair is soft and light so you don’t ever have to worry about the hair looking dead and stiff. This loose wave hair has big “S-shaped” waves and is known to have a lot of volume due to its pattern. Our Malaysian loose wave hair can be easily straightened or curled to achieve different looks.


Texture: loose wave

Grade: Malaysian virgin hair 9A, single drawn, meaning the bundle has slight thinner ends than the weft just like the natural human hair growth.

Color: natural virgin hair tone, meaning that the hair is collected from individuals and might not have a unified color/shine. The unified jet black color without any white hair indicates that the hair has been processed in acid and dyed to jet black. Our Malaysian virgin hair is free of harsh chemicals as such.

Lace: medium brown, with a moderate amount of baby hair.

Usability: Last up to 1-2 years with proper care. It can be reused. Frontals and closures last up to 4-12 weeks, but they do require maintenance. We recommend replacing the frontal after each install. please consult with your stylist on how to maintain the lace as it is different due to different stylist’s techniques.

Tips: Please make sure to seal your weft and deep condition the hair frequently as advised on our Hair Care Tips. This hair is collected from individuals so each bundle may have slightly different reactions to heat and color.

To learn what’s the best hair grade for you, read this article¬† The Difference Between Hair Grades.

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Malaysian Collection

Our Malaysian Collection is very popular among business owners because of its affordability. This hair can maximize your profit but still maintain the quality that will make your customers happy. BHE does not compromise quality for cheaper prices because we are a face-to-face vendor company that relies on returning clients. Our reliability is important to our client’s success.

  • Hair Lengths 8″-30″
  • Can be lifted to 613 blonde
  • Machine Weft
  • 3.5-3.8 oz per bundle
  • Grade 9A
  • Natural Black
  • Free of any chemicals
  • Can be curled, straightened
  • Can last up to 1 year with proper care, can be reused.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions asked by our customers. For more information, check out our FAQs¬†page, or¬†you can send an email to [email protected] We will be glad to answer your questions.

Q: Is your hair virgin hair?
A: Virgin hair is cuticle-aligned hair that has not been chemically processed, bleached, acid-washed and silicon coated. But nowadays, this word “virgin” is over-used by vendors that provide chemically processed hair. Many customers are tricked into thinking that they got cheap “virgin hair” but only to find out that the hair is a hot mess in a few weeks. Branded Hair Extensions guarantees to provide quality cuticle aligned hair that is long-lasting because we want to help our clients build the best brands! We want their customers to be happy and buy more hair from them! That’s the only way to grow a healthy industry.
Q: How long does your hair last?
A: All of our collections are cuticle aligned hair so generally they will last up to 1-2 years with no troubles of tangling and matting. Our wigs last around the same amount of time.
Q: How do I buy wholesale?
A:¬†You can buy our discounted wholesale packages on this site. All wholesale packages have huge discounts and free shipping! If you are starting your business and only want to order small orders, you can check out our dropshipping program under the “Start Your Business” tab in the main menu. If you want to order even more than the wholesale packages or you want to customize your order, it’s better to just send us an email! ¬†[email protected] We are here to help all clients in a timely fashion!
Q:¬†What’s the difference between your Raw hair, Brazilian and Malaysian?
A:¬†The hair has different grades and origins. Raw hair has the highest grade and longest lifespan. Then it’s Brazilian 10A and last Malaysian 9A. We are a quality 1st vendor because we believe that good quality means loyal customers. Our manufacturers do make cheaper hair on the low but we do not want to compromise quality so we only offer these 3 types of hair on our website. Also we are a drop shipping company, we want to make sure that our client’s customers will never bring complaints to them.
Q: Can I straighten or curl your hair?
A: Yes, absolutely! Our hair takes heat very well. If you want to bring the original pattern back, just wet the hair. Though, do try to refrain from using too much heat on the hair to avoid heat damage. Too much heat may cause some of the curly patterns to loosen.
Q: Can I bleach or dye your hair?
A: Yes, our hair can be bleached up to 613 blonde and is easily colored because we only carry high-quality virgin hair. Only processed hair vendor will tell you to not dye your extensions.
Q: Your prices are so cheap, I’m worried about “you get what you pay for”…
A: We are an original source wholesale hair company so our price is supposed to be lower than retail hair brands. Our goal is to help our clients build their own hair business so they can make as much profit as possible. Our clients trust our hair quality and drop shipping program.
Q: How many bundles do I need?

A: The amount of hair you need for a full head depends on your preference and the length you want. We generally use the rule below:

12″ – 14″ ¬†2 Bundles

16″ – 22″ ¬†3 Bundles

24″ – 30″ ¬†4-5 Bundles¬†

Double your longest length when purchasing hair longer than 24″ so that you have a full bottom. For example, 24×1, 26×1, 28×2. Sometimes you will need 5 bundles for a very full sew-in. Closures will not¬†substitute the amount of bundles you will need. Frontals may reduce the amount of bundles depending on your length.¬†

Additional information

Weight 35-3.8 oz
Bundle+Frontal Length

8-10-12 + 8" Frontal, 10-12-14 + 10" Frontal, 12-14-16 + 12" Frontal, 14-16-18 + 14" Frontal, 16-18-20 + 16" Frontal, 18-20-22 + 18" Frontal, 20-22-24 + 20" Frontal, 22-24-26 + 20" Frontal, 24-26-28 + 20" Frontal, 22-24-26-26 + 20" Frontal, 24-26-28-28 + 20" Frontal


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