Brazilian Water Wave Bundles + Frontal (Transparent Lace)



Deal includes three bundles/four bundles + one 13*4 frontal.

Water Wave is a wavy hair that can be worn “wet” or dry! This hair features soft S-shaped waves and can help you create a beachy crimped look.


  • Length: 8″-30″, please know that wavy and curly hair is measured when stretched out to straight.
  • Texture: Water wave. This hair will arrive in wavy S-shaped small waves. You can then wash and air-dry to achieve natural waves.
  • Weight: Each bundle contains 3.5-3.8OZ (100g+-)
  • Grade: Brazilian 10A, single drawn. 100% human virgin hair, free of chemicals
  • Color: natural virgin hair tone, meaning that the hair is collected from individuals and might not have a unified color/shine. Our Brazilian virgin hair is free of any harsh chemicals. The texture goes through days of steaming to ensure that we can provide up to 10 different hair textures.
  • Lace: Transparent lace
  • Usability: Last up to 1-3 years with proper care. Frontals last up to 4-12 weeks and need regular maintenance. We recommend replacing your frontals/closures when after each installment. You can seek more information about frontal maintenance with your stylist as it may be different for different techniques of the stylist.
  • Processing: 3-5 business days (not including non-business days, non business hours and holidays).
  • Shipping: Please see shipping policy.
  • 7 Day no reason return on unaltered, unused products. Please see return policy.

Brazilian human hair vendor

Branded Hair Extensions

Longevity Tips: Please make sure to seal your weft and deep condition the hair frequently as advised on our Hair Care Tips. This hair is collected from individuals so each bundle may have slightly different reactions to heat and color.

Haircare: Only brush through the hair with a wide-tooth comb when the hair is saturated in conditioner. Please know that water wave textured hair may go through more tangling and breakage than normal silk straight hair due to friction. Make sure to deep condition regularly and apply ORS polisher to make the hair ends healthy. Braid your hair at night into 2-3 braids and sleep with a bonnet will help reduce excessive tangling caused during sleep.

Additional information

Weight35-3.8 oz
Bundle+Frontal Length

8-10-12 + 8" Frontal (sold out), 10-12-14 + 8" Frontal (sold out), 10-12-14 + 10" Frontal (sold out), 10-10+10"Frontal (sold out), 12-14-16 + 12" Frontal (sold out), 12-14-16+10" Frontal (sold out), 12-12-12+12"Frontal (sold out), 14-16-18 + 14" Frontal, 14-16-18+12"Frontal (sold out), 14-14-14+14"Frontal, 16-18-20 + 16" Frontal, 16-18-20+14"Frontal, 16-16-16+16"Frontal, 18-20-22 + 18" Frontal, 18-20-22+16"Frontal, 18-18-18+18"Frontal, 20-22-24 + 20" Frontal, 20-22-24-24 + 20" Frontal, 20-22-24+18"Frontal, 20-20-20+20"Frontal, 22-24-26 + 20" Frontal, 22-24-26-26 + 20" Frontal, 22-22-22+20"Frontal, 24-26-28 + 20" Frontal, 24-26-28-28 + 20" Frontal, 24-24-24+20"Frontal, 26-28-30 + 20" Frontal, 26-28-30-30 + 20" Frontal, 26-26-26+20"Frontal, 28-28-28+20"Frontal, 30-30-30+20"Frontal


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