raw hair bundles with closureraw hair bundles with closure

Southeast Asian Double Drawn Straight (11A) Bundles + Closure



This deal includes bundles + one 4 inches by 4 inches closure

BHE SEA straight hair is donor hair that has not been altered chemically. This hair is low-luster and natural looking. You can wear it straightened or wand it to your perfect looks. Our SEA collection features long strands that give you virtually no flyaway. This hair is full from weft to the tips with amazing ability to hold curls.

Length: 10″-20″, this hair is natural hair collected from donors, meaning that the hair is 100% natural and will also look natural on you as well.

Pattern: This hair will arrive in a natural slightly wavy state. This hair is naturally slight wavy/straight and is then steamed to further secure the straight pattern so that you won’t have un-matched bundles. Raw hair bundles often come in slightly un-matched and coarse, meaning not as smooth and silky as virgin hair and each bundle may look slightly different. This is because each donor has slightly different hair. With our innovative chemical free steaming technique + manual trimming of each bundle, you are guaranteed to receive highly matched bundles that are filler-free, low maintenance, and healthy from roots to ends.

Lace: medium brown, fits most skin tones. 4 inches by 4 inches parting space. Closures and frontal need regular touch-ups and can last up to 4 weeks to 12 weeks.

Grade: 100% unprocessed human hair collected from donors. 11A double drawn hair.

Color: natural human hair color. Meaning that the hair bundles may not have unified color or shine. It may contain dark or light brown strands because this is 100% human hair. Please know that unprocessed human hair does not come in jet black.

Usability: Last up to 1-3 years with proper care. It can be reused.

Haircare: Co-wash your extensions with alcohol free, sulfate free conditioner. Soak for 15-20 minutes and air dry before installing. Use wide tooth comb to detangle your hair every morning and before bed. Apply ORS polisher or Moroccan oil. Avoid brushing the hair vigorously when it’s dry because this will hurt the cuticles on your hair and cause frizziness. Regularly deep condition your SEA tresses for 15-20 minutes.

Please make sure to seal your weft and deep condition the hair frequently as advised on our Hair Care Tips.

Processing: same day ship out.

Return Policy: We honor returns on un-used products in the original condition if the return is initiated within 7 calendar days after receiving the package. By un-used we mean that the hair cannot be washed, cut, dyed, colored, or appears to be tampered with. Please see the full return policy here.

To learn what’s the best hair grade for you, read this article  The Difference Between Hair Grades.



SEA Double Drawn Collection

  • One of the most luxurious hair in the market. Our double drawn hair is long length donor hair, folded in half, then trimmed at the ends to achieve the same length for each strand. Enjoy 100% low maintenance, full from weft to ends and no flyaway with our double drawn collection
  • Can be lifted to #27/613. Please know that bleaching black hair extensions to 613 can take multiple attempts and is a harsh chemical process that can potentially ruin your hair extensions. Our raw virgin hair is collected from donors whose hair may naturally react differently towards bleach.
  • Machine Weft
  • 3.2-3.5 oz per bundle, approximately 100g
  • Color is natural human hair’s off black color, meaning no hair dye in the hair. No hair dye is the best type of extensions but this means that we can’t guarantee 100% color match of every strand as human hair may have slightly different tones. But we always do our best to make sure your hair extensions can blend well.
  • No chemical
  • Can be curled, straightened with heat styling tools just like your own hair
  • Can last up to 1-3 years with proper care, weft extensions can be reused.
  • Minimum shedding or tangling, please know that natural human hair may have tangles and shedding to a normal degree as long as it’s not excessive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Length guide for different textures. Please know that curly and wavy hair is measured when stretched out to straight.

Wig, Bundles length guide
Wig, Bundles length guide
Q: Is your hair virgin hair?
A: Yes, except for Vietnamese Remy hair.
Q: How much hair is in 1 bundle?
A: Each bundle contains 3.2-3.5 oz of hair (approximately 100g+-).
Q: How long does your hair last?
A: 1-3 years with proper hair care. It really depends on how well you take care of your hair extensions.
Q: How do I buy wholesale?
A: We offer wholesale packs. You can also purchase custom wholesale packs by emailing [email protected] You can also join our dropshipping program to buy wholesale without an order minimum.
Q: What’s the difference between your Raw hair, Brazilian, and Malaysian?
A: Raw virgin hair is the most premium hair! It is full of body and thick, it contains 90% and up long strands and have little flyaway problems. Brazilian virgin hair is the second best and our best seller. It has 8″-30″ inches and offered in most textures. Malaysian virgin hair is slightly finer but its longevity and affordability are incomparable! Vietnamese Remy hair is the most affordable line we carry, the hair is very do-able for budget-conscious customers. We want to make all Branded Babes beautiful without excessive spending.
Q: Can I straighten or curl your hair?
A: Yes, absolutely! The hair’s natural texture can also bounce back after wetting. Please know that frequent straightening of curly texture may cause you to start losing the hair texture.
Q: Can I bleach or dye your hair?
A: Yes, BHE raw hair, virgin hair can be bleached up to 613 blonde. Remy hair can be bleached up to 27 honey blonde. However, we do not recommend bleaching our virgin hair extensions as bleach is a harsh chemical that permanently alters the quality of your extensions and will significantly reduce the hair’s longevity.
Q: How many bundles do I need?

A: The amount of hair you need for a full head depends on your preference and the length you want. We generally use the rule below:

12″ – 14″  2 Bundles

16″ – 22″  3 Bundles

24″ – 30″  4-5 Bundles 

Double your longest length when purchasing hair longer than 24″ so that you have a full bottom. For example, 24×1, 26×1, 28×2. Sometimes you will need 5 bundles for a very full sew-in. Closures will not substitute the number of bundles you will need. Frontals may reduce the number of bundles depending on your length.

Q: How to join your dropshipping program and start my own hair business!

A: Glad that you found us! We supply dropshipping and wholesale hair extensions, packaging, websites, and custom branding for hair entrepreneurs around the world to start their hair business with technically “0” investment! Visit dropship.brandedhairextensions.com to sign up and start dropshipping globally for your hair business!

Additional information

Weight 35-3.8 oz
Bundle+Closure Length

10-12-14 + 10" Closure (sold out), 10-12-14 + 8" Closure (sold out), 10"10" + 10" Closure (sold out), 12-14-16 + 12" Closure, 12"14"16" + 10" Closure(sold out), 12"12"12"+12" Closure, 14-16-18 + 14" Closure, 14"16"18" + 12" Closure, 14"14"14"+14" Closure, 16-18-20 + 16" Closure, 16"18"20"+14" Closure, 16"16"16"+16" Closure, 18"18"18"+18" Closure, 20"20"20"+20" Closure


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