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Sign up fee $599 $399 and $29.99$19.99/month recurring payment

Details are listed on our membership site, click the “Go To Membership Site” button to learn more now!

If you want to leave it all to us and be stress-free about your online presence, this website+drop ship membership+free hosting plan will take care of every technical aspect of your business. We will not only build a custom website for your hair brand but also host it for free! You will also get full access to our dropshipping membership as long as you are a member!

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Let Real Graphic Designers & Hair Experts Build Your Website, NO FRUSTRATION, NO HASSLE.

How to have a beautiful website for your hair business within 7-14 days? You only need to send us the information below:

1 Send us your Logo, if you don’t have one, check out our Logo Design.

2 Send us your or your business social media accounts.

3 Send us the content for your website’s  “ABOUT US”, CONTACT US” information.

4 Send us the content for your return and shipping policy (Dropshipping clients can arrange your shipping policy carefully according to our shipping policy).

5 Send us your domain name( If you don’t have a domain name, we recommend purchasing from Godaddy or Siteground. If you sign up for a Website+Drop Ship Membership+Free Hosting membership, we will provide hosting for you for free! If you only want us to build your website, you will need to pay extra for your own hosting service.

6 Send us how much you want to charge for shipping.

7 Send us your PayPal payment email so you can get paid from your website! If you want to charge credit cards directly from your website, there is an additional fee.

That’s all you have to do! In order to complete your website as quickly as possible, please make sure that you check your email or phone because our team will stay in touch with you if we need additional information. We are not responsible for any delay due to unreachable email or phone number. 

What Does Website Building Service Include?

Website + dropship + free hosting membership include:

  • free light speed fast hosting
  • dropship membership as long as you pay the monthly fee
  • free SSL certificate
  • Automatic website backup
  • Low-resolution website product photos
  • Full control to WordPress e-commerce website with all of our products pre-installed
  • Customers can log in to their accounts
  • Free subscription plugin installed
  • Live chat function so your customers can easily reach you.

Website only:

  • Full control to WordPress e-commerce website with all of our products pre-installed
  • ow resolution website product photos
  • Customers can log in to their accounts
  • Free subscription plugin installed

For customers who only want us to build a website, please make sure to provide your own domain name, hosting, SSL certificate and all necessary information needed for website construction.

How Does Drop Shipping Work?

1 When a customer places an order on your website or in person, the money will be in your PayPal or bank account.

2 Log into, put in your customer’s order detail and address, pay for the order at wholesale price with your PayPal or bank card (no minimum order), we will package and ship to your customers with YOUR packaging and your information.

For example, your customer bought 3 bundles for $199 on your site, then you spend $199 on our wholesale site. We package and ship the hair to your customers so you don’t have to run to the post office. Your net profit is $90.

It’s really simple and discrete. Your customers will never know that we are your vendor so they will always come to you to buy hair.

Benefits of Drop Shipping

1 no storefront cost or office cost

2 no inventory cost and no risk

3 fast access to the newest products

4 you don’t need to go to the post office to ship products or pay for employees

5 you don’t need to package your products

6 you don’t have any risk because you don’t need to spend money on a stock.


Why Drop Ship With Branded Hair Extensions

1 biggest inventory and more product selections than any existing dropshipping hair vendor

2 no minimum order or sign up fee for drop shipping at wholesale price

3 lowest price among drop shipping vendors

4 completely discrete, your clients will never know us

5 higher quality hair than most vendors, good quality means that you won’t have to deal with return and exchange, also meaning you can charge your profit without any worries of bad reviews.

Why should you choose us over Fiverr or another website building service is because:

1 You will have real designers and hair experts to build your website. We already know what you want, so there won’t be frustrating communication.

2 Your website will be hosted on #1 most recommended hosting company Site Ground for FREE if you purchase Website + Free Hosting + Dropshipping Membership.

3 Our huge inventory will be installed and you can easily mark up your own prices and make big profits!

4 Although it is the customer’s responsibility to manage the website after delivery, we understand that it might be hard for website beginners. We have live chat support and email system that will give you as much support as we can after the delivery.

5 You will have full control of your website, admin and login. You can change pricing, product photos, add or delete products, write blogs, edit content however you like!



Can I change anything on my website?

Yes! You will have full control of your website once we deliver it!

What should I do after I receive the website?

You should edit and re-write product descriptions and add your brand’s personality! Add your photos to product images and videos to product descriptions because “a picture is better than a thousand words” You can start a blog to drive more traffic to your website. Add your own photos to the main page will also create a professional image for your business.

Do I have to join the Drop Shipping Program in order to keep my website?

Nope! Your website is yours and you can migrate it to any hosting you like. We don’t build a website for our customers and trap them in a subscription. BUT, we strongly recommend drop shipping with us because it costs hundreds or even more to host a website for yourself and you won’t be able to access our wholesale prices, you will also be responsible for any site transferring and migrating problems. Our monthly dropshipping membership fee will get your free hosting from us and drop shipping at wholesale prices. Buy one get two!

How long does it take for you to build the website?

7-14 business days or even faster! Please keep in mind that it’s the customer’s responsibility to check email and phone calls so we can require additional information if necessary. Branded Hair Extensions is not responsible for any delay due to unreachable customers.

Can you re-edit my website?

While it is the customer’s responsibility to maintain their website after we hand over the project, we understand that it can get overwhelming for a website beginner. If you have any trouble, you can email us or live chat us for help. We will try our best to help our customers with any website building related questions.

Will Google show my website?

Your site will be optimized for search engine results, but to rank at the top ones can get really expensive and our low-cost solution is to help customers build an online presence with as little money as possible. If you want your site to become more popping and visible, start writing blogs! Writing contents always help your site to drive more traffic. You can also hire professionals to boost your rank, remember this site is yours, you can do whatever you like to make it better!



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