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Sell Hair Extensions Worldwide On E-Commerce Website-Best Tips For Small Hair Business

Launching a hair business online? You got the right idea. Selling human hair extensions is a very lucrative business! A well-designed hair business website can help you close sales day and night without the high expenses of a storefront. With software like Wordpress, Square, and Wix, anyone can just buy a domain and start a hair business. But having a website doesn’t guarantee sales. In the online hair industry, you need to be knowledgable in both hair and e-commerce marketing. We listed some tips that can help you sell hair extensions worldwide on your hair business website.

Use high-quality images that match your hair

By high quality, we mean high-resolution hair photos that match your products. The worst thing you can do to your hair business website is to upload crappy stolen photos from other hair companies.

In this competitive industry, customers can always recognize when you didn’t invest the effort to edit your images. Using stolen photos from Instagram will severely hurt your brand’s credibility. If you can’t afford to shoot your own model pictures, stock photos of hair will do okay temporarily. We still recommend switching to your own photos as soon as you start making good enough of revenue.

Let’s use an example, how would you feel if you look at a hair company’s website and sees this…

“Unprofessional”, “scammer”, “lazy”, “something ain’t right”….are probably the only words that anyone can think of.

Product photo like this is a no, no! The photo obviously does not match “3 bundle deal”, you can clearly tell that the owner of the hair business ripped some photos from the internet.

Low-quality photos will give you a difficult time to convince customers to trust you. Shoppers will hesitate to enter their credit card information on your website.

You can find a good hair page example here. As a wholesale hair vendor, we have super-detailed photos and videos on most of our product pages. Our product cover photos always match the product we are selling on that page.

Tips: For bundle deals and bulk orders, you can duplicate the image of 1 bundle to represent the number.

Hair Business Website
Shop customized hair website with preloaded product photos!

Write detailed product descriptions on your hair website

Don’t just assume that everyone is a hairstylist and knows what they are buying. Once you start your hair brand, you will realize that most of your customers are first time hair buyers.

Your product page should include information such as the lifespan of the hair, the origin, hair texture, how long it lasts, etc.. This way, people won’t blow up your DM asking “is your hair virgin hair”. Your customers will appreciate your effort in the product descriptions.

Tips: You want the product descriptions to be simple and easy to read. We recommend using bullet points so your customers don’t get annoyed reading a long paragraph.

Write hair related blogs on your website

You may think that selling hair online has nothing to do with writing blogs. But that’s not the case.

Blogs can drive major traffic to your store by attracting niche audience who are interested in your brand.

Let’s use an example here.

Brianna wants to buy a lace front wig for the first time. She went go on Google to search the term “best lace front wig”. Your website happens to have a blog that ranks at the 3rd place on Google for that keyword. Brianna read your blog and then explored your website. After seeing the beautiful pictures and detailed descriptions, she compared the prices with a few other similar companies on Google. She liked your photos the best so she decided to buy hair from you. Boom! your blog just made a sale for you for FREE.

Tips: Millions of people are researching where to buy virgin hair every day. You can blog about the quality of your hair, trending hairstyles or collaborate with influencers to create more content on social media platforms. These will all generate traffic to your hair extensions website.

Link your website across social media accounts

Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube are the major places where people get hair inspirations. Having social media to promote your hair business is a necessity in your marketing strategy.

When you use social media such as Instagram or Facebook. You need to write good captions in the bio to quickly describe what you sell. It is the first impression you will make to your new potential customers.

TIPS: Avoid overusing emojis and vague intro in your limited bio space. An Instagram bio such as the one below will do nothing but harm your hair business.

“For the baddest girls around the world (kissy face, kissy face, fire, kissy-face), shop with me, link in bio, don’t dm if you don’t want it”

Instead, you should write professional bio like the one below.

“Diamond hair is for the baddest girls around the world (diamond emoji), 100% virgin hair, raw hair, ship worldwide, tag us #diamondbabe

Use Ads to get more traffic to your hair website

You can use Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Google Ads to drive more traffic to your hair website. These platforms give you great results because you can target the demographic, location and even gender of the audience.

Tips: If you are a new hair business with limited ad budget, you should focus on 1-2 keyword, smaller audience. Instagram will also be a better place for you to first start advertising.

Advertise your hair business internationally

Hair lovers are everywhere! When we first started providing wholesale hair in the United States, we thought that our customers would all come from the United States. But to our surprise, there are tons of customers in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Some of our first customers were from the United Kingdom, and Africa. US hair lovers were the last ones to pick up on how great our hair is.

If you have a good shipping system in place, selling internationally will happen in no time for you. Imagine if Fenty Beauty or Sephora only sells in the USA, they will lose out on tons of profit so why should you close the gate on your international hair dolls.

Tips: You might want to pick and choose which country your site is visible to. When we build custom websites for our clients, we use private hosting + Cloudflare to host part of their website on a global network so it can quickly deliver to anywhere in the world that we choose. If you have a cheap shared hosting for your website, you might want to think of an upgrade when the sales pick up. International traffic needs great bandwidth that cheap hosting cannot handle.

Sell hair related products on your website

Besides hair extensions, you can sell related products on your hair website. This can be any kind of beauty supplies such as wig glue, hair curlers, combs, lashes…

As a wholesale supplier, we are working on providing wholesale lashes, hair curlers, edge controls and conditioners in the future because many clients ask for it! If your hair business is brand new, we recommend slowly adding new products to your hair website instead of putting all in one basket and overwhelm yourself.

Tips: You can even sell branded T-shirts and makeup bags on your website. You can sell anything as long as it’s related to hair extensions. Having too many random products such as shoes, dresses, or necklaces on your website will confuse the buyer and make your brand too personal/unprofessional. Less is better.

Sell unique hair colors to your website

Beauty conscious women nowadays are not afraid of colored hair, especially when it comes to colored lace front wigs. The point of wearing wigs is to completely change women’s hairstyle without having to damage their own hair. Because of wig’s easiness, women are more open to trying out bright hair colors that they normally wouldn’t try on their own hair.

Tips: You should try to add popular custom colored wigs including blonde, red, ombre, and burgundy color. These are all popular weave colors. We offer dropshipping clients custom colored hair so they don’t have to learn how to customize wig colors themselves. These are proven to increase their revenue by the tons!

Pre-colored Hair
Shop Pre-colored Hair

Have a new release or sale every few weeks

Human hair business isn’t a clothing brand that can roll out new styles every day. But in order to stay fresh to your customers andd keep them interested, your hair business should have new release every few weeks. You can do a new sale, a new hair texture, a new color, a clearance item, whatever that’s new to your customer’s eyes and ears.

Big hair companies sometimes partner with influencers to release special collections. For a small hair business or a hairstylist brand, your new release can be as simple as a Beyonce-inspired color!

Tips: We can use newsletter marketing to advertise your new release. When we customize hair business websites for our clients, we implement Mailchimp on their site. It is the easiest mailing list system that we’ve discovered so far.

Optimize web pages for mobiles

If you start an online hair business, you cannot forget the mobile users who take up 60%-100% of E-com buyers. Mobile users have less patience and don’t want any problem while they navigate your website. This means that your website needs to be carefully designed for mobile users as well.

Your computer home page might look like diamonds and glitters. However, if the mobile version doesn’t look up to par, you are only going to lose customers before they even blink about your hair.

Most of the hair businesses now start on Instagram. But you only get one link to impress your customers, which is your bio link. You may want to build a link tree page on your website catered to the bio link feature. You can also utilize mobile sidebar filters and mobile menu to make shoppers’ lives easy.

Tips: Our link on Instagram is a link tree page that’s made ONLY for mobile users. Every page that we have is built for all devices including desktop, laptop, tablets, and phone. Don’t use too much glitters and large size images as background in your mobile site. Not everyone’s WIFI or phone model can load a 5000+ pixel image under 0.2 seconds. Large images may put your website into a snail page with a high bounce rate.

If you don’t know how to optimize your site for mobile on Photoshop, you can go look up Lazy Load, Cache, and Cloudflare. These are content delivery networks that will host your images outside of your hosting. You can also just get a picture perfect hair website from us, the images will already be set up to serve from these three website life savers.

Use SEO to boost your hair website’s ranking

SEO is the short term for “Search Engine Optimization”. Good SEO can make your hair website rank on the first page for certain keywords. Big companies like Bellami Hair are paying millions to secure their ranking spots. Small hair business websites typically don’t have big budgets for professional SEO. But, as a start-up hair business owner, you only need to take care of simple SEO tasks. These can include filling in picture descriptions, writing blogs, clearing any broken links and submitting your hair business website to Google My Business.

SEO takes time just like how business takes time to build a reputation. When your hair business website is brand new, you have little to no traffic nor enough content on your site to really rank on Google. Once you start adding words to your site. Your ranking will improve slowly by the weeks or months. This is a patience game. Your ranking may take weeks or months before any result is generated.

Tips: You should fill in descriptions for all photos on your website. You can also use popular SEO tools such as YOAST to write SEO friendly blogs to increase your ranking.

E-Commerce Is The Best Way To Sell More Hair Extensions

You can now implement these tips to create a hair business website that can help you make 6 figures day and night. Want to know more about hair extensions and business, subscribe to our newsletters below!

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