Our hair textures go through days of an innovative steaming technique to ensure that you won’t lose your textures during styling.

  • Silk Straight

    Silk Straight (38)

    Silk straight texture comes in a natural straight state. This hair can be pressed to wear bone straight. You can also add curls and waves to this texture easily with heat tools. Our straight hair holds curls very well. You can air-dry our straight hair to achieve a natural wavy look.
  • Body Wave

    Body Wave (27)

    Body wave texture is very popular due to its versatility. This hair comes with natural slight waves that can be straightened. You can add curls to this hair with heat tools.
  • Loose Wave

    Loose Wave (17)

    Loose wave is a glamorous texture that features big "S" shaped waves in your hair. You can use this hair to create glamourous big waves or air dry it to wear it naturally wavy. This hair also has a wavy-to-curly look towards the tips.
  • Loose Deep Wave

    Loose Deep Wave (1)

    Loose Deep Wave features super soft waves that are slightly tighter than body wave hair. This style gives you more unified waves and can be worn in multiple ways.
  • Deep Wave

    Deep Wave (17)

    Our deep wave hair features tight spiral curls. You can wear this hair teased out for an exotic semi-wavy curly look or apply curly hair products to achieve the wet, sleek curly hair look.
  • Water Wave

    Water Wave (17)

    Water wave texture features semi curly, semi wavy S shaped patterns that can be worn in many ways. It is a perfect hair to create crimped looking beach waves or semi curly looks.
  • Jerry Curly

    Jerry Curly (16)

    Jerry Curly hair features small tight curls that can turn into sleek curly hair with proper hair products. It is also a texture that can create a lot of hair volumes.
  • Kinky Curly

    Kinky Curly (19)

    Kinky curly hair blends perfectly with natural curly hair. This hair features tightly coils that are in S and C patterns. You can tease this hair to wear it big and puffy or tame it with curly hair products. You should care for this hair just like your own curly hair.
  • Kinky Straight

    Kinky Straight (14)

    Our kinky straight texture blends perfectly with relaxed natural hair. This texture mimics relaxed curly hair and has a coarser feel than silk straight hair. You can curl this hair or straighten it without it losing the kinky texture.