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8 tips to make lace front wig look natural

How to make lace front wig look natural

Do you wear lace front wigs but don’t know how to make them look natural? Do you have a lace wig but you can’t figure out how to blend the lace like it’s melted to your skin?

Well, in this blog, we are going to show you some of the best “wig slaying” techniques used by professional hairstylists. With these styling tips, you will learn how to pick a perfect lace wig and style it to look perfect all by yourself.

Table of content:

  1. Choose high quality human hair lace front wig
  2. Brown lace, transparent lace, or HD lace?
  3. What is mid part, side part, free part?
  4. Bleach hair knots
  5. Pluck hairline (little plucking techniques)
  6. How to use make up to blend the lace
  7. Baby hair styling tips (minimal baby hair, normal baby hair, dramatic baby hair 3 styles)
  8. How to lay a wig flat

Choose high quality huamn hair lace front wig

The first step to a natural looking wig install is to pick a human hair lace wig. We recommend Virgin human hair Swiss transparent lace front wigs.

High-quality human hair wigs usually have great construction for you to lay them flat. It also comes with thin lace that can blend easily with your skin.

Synthetic wigs can often come with thick, dark lace with hair tangles and mattes within a few wears. These wigs are cheaper than human hair wigs but you will have to replace them often, resulting in spending more money in the long run since you have to constantly buy new wigs.

How to choose Swiss brown lace, transparent lace and HD lace?

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You may think that choosing good hair should be enough, but it’s not true. When you shop for a wig, you should also consider the lace shade so it can blend with your skin perfectly.

The most common type of lace in the market is called brown Swiss lace. This lace comes in a dark brown or medium brown color. It works for women who have darker brown skin but it will NOT work for women with medium to light skin tones.

Many wig vendors purposely avoid displaying this information to misguide consumers into buying a brown lace that is too dark for them. And the result is, of course, lace that won’t blend!

Lace too dark, shop transparent lace wig

A better version of Swiss lace is transparent Swiss lace. Transparent lace also comes in a few different shades, usually a cream color or a white color.

Transparent lace is the best because not only it is thin and comfortable, you can also easily tint the white-ish lace to any color to match your exact complexion. If you have medium skin tone to white skin, transparent lace will work well for you!

Another type of lace is HD Film Swiss Lace, also called authentic Film Swiss lace. It is as “thin” as it sounds and when applied correctly, this lace is almost invisible from as close as 2 feet away. HD lace is your best choice if you have pale white skin. The only downside is that HD lace can be really pricy.

At Branded Hair Extensions, we provide undetectable semi HD transparent lace front wigs. This is an exclusively sourced lace that comes in a white color that is easy to tint. This lace mimics thin HD lace but definitely more affordable than HD lace.

Feel free to check them out. SHOP -> Undetectable transparent lace front wigs

What is mid part, side part, free part?

Wig manufacturers can create the mid part, side part by tying hair strands towards one direction on the lace. For example, a worker can find the middle of the lace frontal on the wig, then tie the hair towards both directions to create a middle part wig. This way the hair knots are trained to face one direction.

Free part wigs mimic natural hair growth and can be parted anywhere.

The good thing about lace front wigs is that you have the freedom to part however you like so in this case, we recommend choosing a free part wig so you can style your hair without restrictions.

When it comes to lace, many wig vendors cut corners by cheating the lace size. Many lace front wigs in the market only have 1 inch of lace on the side but are marketed as “lace front wigs”. When you buy this kind of “fake” lace front wig, you are in fact working with a closure wig with just a little bit extra lace.

How to bleach hair knots without over-bleaching.

Bleaching hair knots is a great way to lighten the “bulbs” on your lace front wig and make hair look like it grew from your scalp.

To bleach hair knots, you will need a (1) 20-30 volume developer, (2) bleach powder, (3) gloves, (4) a hair dye brush and a mixing bowl (5) Purple shampoo and conditioner (6) light hair spray

1st step: when the hair is damp, spray the hairline wh with a light hair spray and brush the hair towards the back of the wig. This makes sure that the baby hair won’t come forward and accidentally bleach.

2nd step: mix your bleach powder and developer in the mixing bowl as instructed. stir until the powder and developer becomes creamy. During this stage, make sure that the final mix is not too thick or too runny. Runny bleach will leak through the lace onto the hair where you don’t want to bleach and thick bleach solution will be chunky and cause uneven bleach.

3rd step: use a hair dye brush to “tap” the bleach solution on the inside of the lace. Be careful not to push the bleach through the lace. You don’t want to overbleach the hair on the other side of the lace.

4th step: Wait for 20-30 minutes. Remember to check the result every few minutes to avoid overbleaching.

5th step: Wash the bleach off with a sulfate-free shampoo and use a purple shampoo to tone the hair knots. Purple shampoo is a great product to tone out any brassy yellow color from bleached hair.

How to customize hairline ( a little bit of plucking technique)

A little bit of plucking is necessary to make your wig look natural. If you take a look at your natural hair, you will see that your hairline has less hair. By plucking a wig’s hairline, you are making the wig look more like natural scalp.

We recommend buying a preplucked wig that already has thinner hairline. It will save you a lot of work during plucking.

To pluck hairline, you need a mannequin head, a tweezer.

1st step: wet the hair entirely.

2nd step: find the part you want to pluck, use your tweezer and swiftly pull out some of the hair. Make sure your tweezer is pulling towards the natural hair growth direction.

3rd step: once you finish plucking the very front, you can separate this layer and pluck a layer of hair behind to make the hairline even less dense.

4th step: Deep condition the unit and take out any plucked hair. air dry the unit and enjoy your result!

Remember when plucking your wig’s hairline, try to mimic the growth of your own hairline so you don’t pluck excessively.



How to use make up to blend the lace


It’s a great practise to blend your lace with make up or foundation that already matches your skin tone.

That’s why we recomment light or white transparent lace that you can tint easily with lace tint or make up.

To tint your lace with make up, you will need a foundation powder, a make up brush and a hairspray.

1st step: use make up brush to brush to “tap” the foundation powder onto the inside of the lace. Make sure to tap gently so the powder and go through the lace grid onto the other side of the lace.

2nd step: spray hairspray over the inside of the lace to seal the foundation.

Then you are all done here!

How to style baby hair (no baby hair, normal baby hair, dramatic baby hair)

Natural baby hair on the best lace wig

Some people prefer the “no baby hair” look while others like dramatic baby hair. This all depends on what you think look the most natural.

A general rule of advise is to not “overdo it”. Too much baby hair can make your wig look really fake while a moderate amount of baby hair can make your lace dissapear.

Baby hair needs to be stled in the natural hair growth direction to look realistic.

How to lay a wig flat

Once your wig is glued down, the rest is to style the top of the hair flat so it doesn’t look bulky like a wig.

Hairstylists love to use a hot comb with a wax stick to lay every single hair strand into place.

You can also use a heat protectant spray to ensure that the hair is not going to be damaged during heat styling.

Besides using a hot comb and wax stick, you should also make sure that your own hair is tightly braided under the wig and secured with a wig cap for the best result.


There are so many tips and tricks to style a wig. Besides our blog posts, you can find a great deal of tutorials and styling tips on Youtube.

If you want to learn more in videos on how to install a wig, make sure to subscribe to our blogs and follow us on Instagram & Facebook and Youtube for more live tutorials!

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