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How to dropship hair extensions, bundles wigs step by step

How To Dropship Hair From Branded Hair Extensions? STEP BY STEP GUIDE

Dropshipping hair extensions and wigs from Dropship BHE is the perfect way for you to start a hair business without inventory investment. Dropshipping allows you to start selling hair extensions without inventory so you can save your money on other expenses for your business, such as advertisements and websites.

What’s great about Dropship BHE program is that we make running your hair extensions brand become as easy as shopping online. Through our membership program, you will get access to our ever-updating hair extensions and wigs inventory. We will also white-label your brand and ship orders directly to your customers on your behalf. That’s a hooray for busy stylists and entrepreneurs who also have a full time job (you have no idea how shipping worldwide on your own can get out of control). Want to learn how to use our program to fulfill your customer’s orders? Check out the content below!

Don’t want to read? watch our tutorial on our Youtube Channel.

STEP 1: After selling a hair product, log into your account on Drop Ship & Label site

When a customer buys from you, they will give you their shipping information, name. You can then head over to and log into your membership account.

If you don’t have a membership, sign up HERE. No sign-up fee, cancel any time!

Log in on membership site on a desktop

How to drop ship hair from Branded Hair Extensions and start a hair business with the best hair wholesale vendor!
Log into your account at the top bar

Access membership site on mobile phone

how to drop ship hair from your phone from hair vendor
1. Click MENU on the dropship site.
Drop ship hair from Branded Hair Extensions on your mobile phone!
2. Log into your membership or buy a drop-ship hair membership on your phone.

STEP 2: Find the hair product you sold

After logging into your membership account, go to the shop page and find the exact hair product your customer ordered. You can use the search bar or category filter to find the product quickly.

1 Use “categories” to find products

You can easily filter your desired products through our organized categories.

Find products on Desktop

How to find hair product on Branded Hair Drop Ship site
1. Go to “PRODUCT” and find your category
How to find hair product on Branded Hair Drop Ship site.
2. After entering your category, you can narrow down the products with sidebar

Find products on mobile phones

Drop ship hair from your phone
1. Click on your category’s “+” sign
Easily drop shipping hair and start a hair business from your phone
2. Find a more specific category in the secondary dropdown menu
How to drop ship hair on phone step 5
3. After entering the category, use “Product Category” sidebar to narrow down your product
How to dropship hair from your phone step 6
4. Open the “Product Category” sidebar and click arrows to find a specific category.

2 Use “the search bar” to find products

You can also just search the product name for it to show up!

Use the search bar on Desktop

Drop ship hair from Branded Hair Extensions.
The search bar is always located at the top of the site

Use the search bar on mobile phones

Dropship hair from Branded Hair Extensions
1. The search bar is always located at the bottom of the menu
Dropship Hair from hair vendor Branded Hair Extensions
2. Type in the name of your product and scroll down to find it


This step is fairly easy! You just have to find the correct product and add it to the cart, then proceed to checkout.

Add products to cart on desktop and triple-check sizes/texture/length/hair type,etc.

How to find wholesale hair vendor online
1. Select the correct items and add them to the cart
How to dropship hair from wholesale hair vendor Branded Hair Extensions
2. Double-check the order detail to see if it matches your customer’s order.

Select the correct items on your mobile phones.

1. Find the hair extensions

2. Add to cart

3. Double-check

STEP 4: Add your custom packaging to the order

Don’t have custom branding and packaging? No problem! We offer tons of options at affordable prices in Dropship BHE! And yes, we can package orders on your behalf and dropship for you to your customers.

Find your packagings HERE.

If you have a custom order slip template (offered and designed for free in our program) or have purchased branding to store at our warehouse to dropship, you would have a custom branding number.

Enter your custom branding number in the Order Notes pad during checkout. Enter your own billing information and make SURE to enter your customer’s shipping address correctly in the shipping section.

Some of the hair business custom branding we offer

Add custom branding # in Order Note on desktop

How to dropship hair bundles and wigs with custom hair packaging and branding.
1. View the cart and double-check your order details. If you have a saved address, you can change it later in the checkout page.
How to drop ship hair from Branded Hair Extensions-the most versatile manufacturer direct hair vendor?
2. enter YOUR OWN name, address, phone number and email under the billing section. This address must match the information on the bank card you are using. We will not process the order if the address doesn’t match your bank card.
3. Check the box to ship to a different address
4. After selecting “ship to a different address” box, enter your customer’s name and shipping address. If you are shipping to yourself, you can unselect the box.
5. If you have custom branding, type in the custom branding # here! You can also type in something specific concerning this order and our team will review it when preparing your shipment.

Add custom branding # on your mobile phones

1. Check your order detail again
2. scroll down and proceed to check out
3. Fill in YOUR OWN information under “Billing Details”. This has to match your bank information
4. Select “Ship to a different address”, fill in YOUR CUSTOMER’S shipping information below.
5. scroll down and type in your custom branding # or anything you want to inform our warehouse team.

STEP 6: Check out and finish up!

After double, triple, quadruple checking your order detail, customer shipping address and any typos in your documents, it’s time to finish the process!

Use your own credit/debit card or Paypal to check out, please make sure the billing details match your bank card, otherwise, we cannot process the payment.

Place the order on desktop

Put in your own card number or your own Paypal account and place the order! Your job is done here!

Place the order on mobile phones

Enter the card number that matches your own billing address.

STEP 7: You are done! Enjoy your profit!

Dropship BHE staff will then go through your order, print your order slip, package your products and speedily ship them out!

Our processing time is leading in the industry, for as quickly as within a few hours to 24 hours your bundles will be shipped out by international priority express shipment with signature confirmation!

(Some products such as wigs and luxury wigs and customized colors may have some processing time)

Now, hurry up and join the program that works directly with stylists and entrepreneurs WORDLWIDE! We are the only program of this kind that offers worldwide shipping.

Sign up now and start your brand with the best one stop shop supplier!

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Branded Hair Extensions is an US/Asia based wholesale hair company that directly supplies virgin hair and hair branding to hair business retailers. We help hair business owners start their own hair extensions line from scratch with as little investment as possible.

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