About Us

Branded Hair Extensions aims to provide unquestionably high quality human hair extensions and wigs to everyday hair lovers and retail businesses.

We partner directly with hair factories to produce hair extensions that meet our strict standard. With our affordable pricing and transparency on hair quality, we not only want to supply 100% quality human hair, we also provide the right education for women so they can learn how to recognize good hair!

Many women invest a lot of money into their hair extensions only struggle to make them last for the desired amount of time. This is because the hair industry has a lot of misleading marketing terms that a retail customer may not know.

Most western hair companies in the US source hair extensions directly from China and India, but majority of them focus on targeting high income group and sell extremely high priced hair extensions. Customers end up paying 2-3 times more on the high profit margin, only to receive extravagantly packaged hair extensions that are only slightly better than Aliexpress companies.

The hair vendors in China and India, in contrary, target customers who are looking for cheap hair. The quality of hair extensions are usually less than ideal.

Branded Hair Extensions is able to bridge the gap by providing luxury quality hair that does not come with expensive price tags. 

Hair Business Opportunity

The hair industry is extremely lucrative industry and has an astonishing billion dollar market. The internet makes it easy for everyone to start their own business. We see that many hard-working women are conscious of becoming an entrepreneur but often struggle to get started because they can’t find a reliable vendor.

Branded Hair Extensions works directly with hair factories. We know the ins and outs of hair quality and this industry. 

We aim to provide the easiest way for hair bosses to start their hair business without a huge amount of money to get started. 

We offer wholesale, global dropshipping program, hair websites, custom LOGO packagings and a DEDICATED DROPSHIP PROGRAM so you can start your hair business without inventory, without hair website vendor, without taking product photos, even without running to the postal offices to ship your orders!

We are a A-Z service hair agency that has helped women from US, CANADA, UK, AFRICA SOUTH AMERICA AND EUROPE start their hair businesses from the ground up!

Visit dropship.brandedhairextensions.com to start your business with the most reliable hair vendor!