Our Mission

Branded Hair Extensions is founded by a couple of bi-lingual, multi-cultured hair enthusiasts. We find the hair industry to be filled with false advertisements and customers complain about paying too much for “so-called” virgin hair that doesn’t last. It is a common knowledge that all US retailers buy bulk hair at cheap from China and India but charge customers 3-4 times more for profit. Little of this profit goes into better hair quality. Customers are paying high prices for US retail hair companies to cover import transportation, expensive US warehouse, utility bills, staff and flashy packaging(Sometimes not even flashy), but not for the hair that they are buying. Many price conscious customers turn to Ali-express and oversea middleman hair companies to save a little, just to get cheated by fake and false advertised hair that won’t last few days.

Branded Hair Extensions partners with the best hair factories, not middleman vendors or trading companies. Our quality is thus utmost guaranteed and consistent. We found solutions to cut down operating costs by having quality control in Asia and having customer service in the US. Customers get to enjoy the same luxurious hair that they get at their favorite retail stores without breaking their bank!

We believe that when a customer invests their money in hair, their investment should equal the hair’s quality, not the company’s utility bills.

Our goal is not only to provide quality hair, but to educate women about this industry. You can find us on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook where you have easy access to hair knowledge. No need to research for weeks before a customer purchases from us because they can just call us for any information(hair grade, how long it lasts, where is the hair from,etc.). We want to give it to you straight, not sugar coated.

Hair Business Opportunity

The hair industry is extremely lucrative industry and has an astonishing billion dollar market. The internet makes it easy for everyone to start their own business. We see that many hard-working women are conscious of becoming an entrepreneur but often struggle to get started due to the risks a business can bring. Instead of focusing on only us and our retail market, Branded Hair Extensions decided to share this business opportunity with YOU. We provide a manufacturer-direct dropshipping program that lets people start their hair brand with very little investment! We want to help the hard-working hairstylists, salon owners, business entrepreneurs and hustling women out there make more revenue and gain a steady stream of income without the headaches that come with running a business. Ever heard of “A millionaire has 6 streams of incomes”? We are here to help you get one more by selling top quality hair extensions and beauty products!

"We believe that business opportunities are for anyone! The hair industry is extremely lucrative, however it's a struggle to find good resources.

BHE is a one-stop-shop hair company. Besides supplying high quality hair products, we provide business services such as website building, dropshipping, consulting and branding solutions to help entrepreneurs create their brand at one place. Basically, we help people start a business with 'no money, no risk'. "
Hair Extensions Expert, BFA designer
Quality, Affordability, Variety

We believe in high quality, but we also believe in affordable hair!  We don’t sell cheap hair like most international sellers do because that’s just not good for anyone. We directly supply good hair to salons, stylists and entrepreneurs.  Our outstanding quality brings us both steady, and happy returning customers.  Our prices are very low compared to normal US retail brands, so our customers make more profit.  Our dropshipping membership even allows customers to dropship small orders at lower wholesale prices! We use membership to separate our retail and wholesale customers apart.


No One Can Offer What We Have

If you check out our site, you will notice that we carry literally everything!  We are the only company that is able to offer so many hair types, textures, wigs…etc.  This is made possible by us having two locations in both US and Asia.  Hair manufacturing scenes are only found in China and India.  We have partnerships with many manufacturers to ensure that everything we provide is A1 quality among similar products.  Because of our partnerships, our prices are very low, so our clients can make big profits!

We have thousands of products ready to ship the same day!  Not only that, we are always looking for the newest products and trends so our customers can access rare products that they can’t access easily anywhere else.  Even including some products that aren’t selling on the regular market!


We Make It Easy For You To Start Your Business

We get it.  Starting a business is hard.  Besides finding the best vendor, you also need a website, packaging, logo, social media profiles and even more!  When you find the right vendor, you may have to put down chunk of your savings to buy inventory.  It’s no fun, and no money!

Our dropshipping service opens our entire inventory to you!  Your customers can place their order and pay you first.  Then you order hair from us and we ship out straight to your customers.  They will not know about us because we will ship with your name and your information.  This way, you can start your hair business without buying any inventory.  Our dropshipping membership allows you to buy small orders at wholesale price, even just one bundle!


We Offer Full Service To Help You Build Your Brand From Scratch

We offer website design, hosting, dropshipping and all kinds of branding services so you can build your brand with professional hair experts.  We will get your website done, logo done, packaging done and all the technical parts of starting a business out of the way so you can focus on advertising your brand and winning!